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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Barbara Palvin has definitely become one of my favourite models.. her look is so fresh and flawless. Anyway after discovering her mid last year, I finally decided to sketch a photograph of her.

I think it's definitely visible that my sketching ability has died down a bit.. so I'm hoping to improve!
Here is a progress snapshot:

And here is the final:

(the webcam shot looks a bit different cause my webcam making everything elongated haha)
Anyway, I'll probably post a few more sketches of other things in the near future,
In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your week/easter break
And eat as many eggs as you can : )


taylah said...

wow wow wow wow wow you are amazing! i would actually buy a print of one of your drawings, not even kidding. i was going to post a drawing a did on my blog ( just an experiment, haha) but now i don't know, it looks terrible compared to yours! yours look like the ones that used to be in frankie a bit :)

Rachelous said...

Your sketching ability is amazing! You've really captured her likeness here, it's beautiful! :)xx

Ashley said...

That's a very good likeness! Your really talented; I can't wait to see more of your sketches:)

Melina said...

wow so amazing! reallyyy goood!

Ioana Liliana said...

I love her, but I think I love your sketch more!!


maria. said...

Hi, I awarded you with the Kreativ Blogger Award, check it out~

mei said...


Christina said...

aw, this is beautiful! is there anything you can't do?!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

WOW!!! you are an amazing artist! =)

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! your amazing!
Sorry for the late reply and the fact that my blog is covered in negativity at the moment xxx

Stefany said...

Wow, you did this?? That drawing is really incredible, you're so talented x

Jade said...

Wow, I'm so jealous it's stunning x

Give me a Big Closet said...

beautiful, really!