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Monday, August 8, 2011

Kiko Mizuhara

I decided to spend the whole day digital painting..why? No idea... probably because I couldn't be bothered to do proper painting and I hadn't used my tablet in a while hahaha. Anyway I chose to paint the lovely Kiko Mizuhara, because she is utter perfection.

I used this image for reference -

This was what I started with, a rough outline and colour base. I was continually swatching the colours from my reference picture to the painting but soon learnt it was going to be hopeless. After hours and hours of tampering with it, I came to this-

I spent a bit of time on the tones and colours, highlights and shadows.. the lips were particularly difficult (but then again I'm always pretty terrible at drawing lips) but other than that, it was finally getting somewhere! I also added in some rosy cheeks which didn't really work out to be so rosy.. haha.

Here's the final,

Yerpy derpy. Hopefully I'll be doing a few more of these in future.. it was good practice!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

The habitat

Why helllllooooo blogger world!
As promised, this is a room post/pic post for the anon on formspring
I figured I should do one anyway cause it gets me motivated to tidy up a bit..unfortunately it doesn't last this long hahaha.

My beeed, a little too spacey for a girl such as myself but I roll and kick and the likes of that. I've had this bed for ages, ever since I was 8 or 9 I think.. I used to have a cool princess frame with organza draped around the edges like I was in a fairytale but they threw it out cause this bed didn't fit in it hahaha.

 The bedside table - as you can see, I pretty much only read Jodi Picoult because every other book on the planet is too happy for my soul. I love how she always incorporates law into her novels, its like the climax to all of her stories, and they really do fold out beautifully.

My desk - Sea shell jewellery bowl, shot glass bobby pin holder, glass beaker pen holder, wooden jewellery box, a pad of paper, a collar, watches, my external hard drive, a wooden figurine I got when I was art obsessed and I think like 7 years old.. I use it as a bracelet holder (LOL) and a candle with pebbles.

My pinboard - An agate necklace, some random drawings, my dog (in the corner on the right ish), Del Kathryn Barton invite card, some ugly moose etching I did, a paper frog with a feather art cause I never do my work, A polaroid pic of me and my friends, a quote by McQueen.. its a sad quote but it's so true, A mink pink tag (what on earth???), a photo of my grandparents.

My closet - oh god here comes the embarassing part.. um okay yeah I swear I'm really not that much of a freak.. I just like to organise because it's easier to find clothes and know that I haven't misplaced it.. IM NOT A FREAK I SWEAR LOL. Anyway, I've had quite a lot of new additions since I took a pic of it last time and posted it on Tumblr... Okay so top section is bags, middle is obviously clothes, in the drawers are like undies, togs, special garments I need to keep safe, jeans etc etc., in the middle bottom section, its just sunnies, some perfume, skincare stuff, lipsticks, nailpolishes etc. (most of the makeup stuff I keep in the sewing room so yeah.. all the treasured things go in my room).

Just some textures, colours and the what not.. I find it god damn hard to fit obnoxious colours like that cyan polka dot top into my wardrobe so I shove all the crazy colours on the right bahahahaha.

Um yes the colour coordination doesn't really stop...anyway these are my most worn cut offs. All of them were jeans previously! And most of them were mums. All the less worn/more special ones go in the drawers.

Oh and can't forget the section behind my door...ahaha

Okay anyway thats it!
I was going to include more but uploading this onto blogger is such a pain
Hopefully that's good enough for now
Yes.. I feel like a part of me is part of you now

only kidding