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Monday, August 8, 2011

Kiko Mizuhara

I decided to spend the whole day digital painting..why? No idea... probably because I couldn't be bothered to do proper painting and I hadn't used my tablet in a while hahaha. Anyway I chose to paint the lovely Kiko Mizuhara, because she is utter perfection.

I used this image for reference -

This was what I started with, a rough outline and colour base. I was continually swatching the colours from my reference picture to the painting but soon learnt it was going to be hopeless. After hours and hours of tampering with it, I came to this-

I spent a bit of time on the tones and colours, highlights and shadows.. the lips were particularly difficult (but then again I'm always pretty terrible at drawing lips) but other than that, it was finally getting somewhere! I also added in some rosy cheeks which didn't really work out to be so rosy.. haha.

Here's the final,

Yerpy derpy. Hopefully I'll be doing a few more of these in future.. it was good practice!



maria. said...

Woah! you're amazing at drawing! D:
I've always wanted a tablet so I could just doodle here and there .. but that would be a waste of money :(

Nathália Alves said...

Hi doll, I love your blog right now.
check me out too..
you are beautiful. xoxo

YAN.C said...

Oh wow that's amazing what did you use to do this! x