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Thursday, September 29, 2011


The last few weeks have been filled with a mix of emotions. I never would've guessed leaving school would feel like this - I was always the one who was too excited and keen to leave, the one that would be jumping up and down at the thought of getting away from everything. I think the tears and overwhelming emotions conjured up on the last day just goes to show you that I wasn't as happy as I thought I'd be. But before I start with graduation chit chat, here are some random photos compiled onto my camera and now splattered onto this post.

As you all know (or haven't heard already?) I'm moving. It's pretty far from where I am now.. I'll be closer to the city and the what not. At first when I heard I was moving, I was really really down about it - completely against it. I have never moved house in my life and I wanted it to be like that until I moved out - There's nothing wrong with where I'm staying now and I'm fairly close to friends and the likes of that so when my dad told me we were looking at properties I refused to go and even when my brother showed me amazing photos of the new house, I knew I wouldn't like it as much as my own.. The photos above are of my current house (I had to take the pictures to put up so people could come when we had open house day to check it out). Haha it was super hard  to get proper photos cause my dog kept wanting to be in all the shots LOL..

Anyway after a week or so, my parents took me out to the property to see the neighbourhood and the area and it's safe to say I really like it  there. It's a waterfront house and there's a mini jetty that follows out to the water (opposite side of the harbour bridge) so I thought it'd be a nice place to sit, paint/draw or just have some time out when the house feels like too much. We're downsizing quite a bit because I think our house may be a bit too big for just the four of us, so I guess it'll be cosier, no? :)

A few snaps I've taken this week. I also made a cord skirt + golf shorts out of boredom and procrastination (yeah yeah I know you've heard it all before haha). I'm really waiting for the summer to come already! It's been raining all day today, and it's been gloomy this whole week...

Jungle Dress - Mum's 
Clogs - Rubi (inspired by hhhhhhhhhhhelen!)
Socks - Dad's

I was sorting through the spare room cupboards to clear it out and pack them into boxes, and I found this gorgeous 80's drop waist leafy dress (haha leafy!). I remember seeing it before, and trying to pin it up because it was below my knees.. but I think I forgot about it.. Anyway, it was originally 2 tiered, but I hemmed up the bottom layer so it's half bubble half 1 tiered? LOL. I didn't want to ruin the drop waist effect so I took it up from the edge instead of the waist. Hopefully I'll get a lot of wear out of it in the summer! It's so SUMMERY AHHH. I also picked up these clogs a few months ago but I really didn't know how to wear them, and after seeing Helen pair it with black socks, I was instantly in love! She's a goddess hahaha.

Alrightey! Onto the graduation part of this post..

A cupcake and card made by the Year 11's of my house group :P

Day 1 - Ganga Day
Hopefully you know what that means, but if not, its just another way of saying slut.. yea...slut.. hahaha. So it was an unofficial muck up day so everyone tried to keep it on the down low but obvs the teachers HAD to find out. Being kind enough, they let us off the hook and played along, 'pretending not to know'. It was so hilarious, fake tan was flying everywhere, people had cut their uniforms and everyone was cake faced

Day 2 - Mature Day

Day 2, everyone dressed up as senior citizens of the community. It was hilarious, we had people dressing up as lawn bowlers to Benjamin Button (not mentioning names HAHA). I stuffed my dress with stuffing to get a huge booty and rack. I think it worked spectacularly! Everyone smelt like baby powder cause we all used it in our hair to get that "grey hair" effect. Not to mention, playing bingo in assembly and falling asleep on purpose..

My friend dressed up as a "nightmare" LOL. She's so gorgeous. 

Day 3 - Horror Day
Self explanatory - it was time to get scary! I dressed up as Jigsaw from the Saw series (my favourite movies of all time!) and Charmaine (left) dressed up as an evil surgeon murderer dude LOL. People were also going around in scream masks and I actually got really freaked out seeing them walk around the corridor. My friend who had a scream mask walked behind little year 7s and 8s, saying nothing, just following close behind - their faces were seriously priceless haha. We also got super soakers and patrolled the year 10 locker area (hahahahahahahahha fuckers) making sure people walked on their side of the corridor (we taped it down). Anyway, that was out second last day of school (ever!).. the last day was really really efiajoeflajfk.. tears were flying everywhere and people were just hugging people all day.. I would post photos but I don't want to bore you anymore (plus my crying face is horrid!)

The last night of school, we had our Valedictory Dinner (graduation dinner) and the venue and everything was amazing -

The dress I wore was self made.. and I realised I only basted the sleeves and didn't sew them properly so they were coming undone the whole night (UGH).

Anyway, that's all for this post..
There has been so much going on - moving house, graduating, the HSC... everything is changing so fast.
If you've just left high school (like me) goodluck for the future!
And if you're still in school (not like me HAHA) SUCKS TO BE YOU!!! HAHAHA
I'm kidding..
Just enjoy school while you can, because I definitely had the most fun ever ever ever

Tata! x

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Nicole said...

Beautiful post and you honestly seem to have the most wonderful personality! Such a whacko but in the best way ;)

Good luck with house-moving and HSC! x