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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I want my blogspot to be filled with all the little things like daily photos from my iPhone hehe
(I think I should update this blog a little more..)

1. One the way to Gordon. Wearing Minkpink dress
2/3. Charm and I at Balmoral
4. My second fav bikini!
5. Summer skin
6. DIY brainstorm
7/8. Love Lace Exhibition @ PH museum
9. Few more weeks til I move in!
10. The most gorgeous Sass and Bide dress

Boring blogger stuff:

So I have one week left until I start college... and then another month til i start uni. I can't say I'm excited as I was last year when I got the acceptance letter to study fashion design but I think it'll be a good opportunity to study and learn what I love best. It's getting hard - to that point where choices are essential.. I don't know if I'm going to love it as much as I think I will.. and what if fashion doesn't work out? I'll probably waste another year deciding what my backup plan will be. I'm also doing Bachelor of Business Admin - not sure if that's gonna fly too well haha - especially since I HATED economics at school.....
Leaving school has made me realise how easy it ll be to lose contact with people you used to see on a daily basis - but I think since all my friends will be studying in the city near me it'll be a little more convenient.

Anywho! I can tell this year is going to be amazing. Hopefully I'll have time for a job so I can save up to travel during my holidays!

The basics challenge is going horribly btw. (if this confuses you check my tumblr!)
Made ONE singlet yesterday. Actual epic fail. I need to get at least 10 basics done by this sunday!
And I planned to go shopping for more fabric today but I'm putting it off til tomorrow or the day after..

I better get this shit done!


Friday, January 13, 2012

summer break snaps

A few instagram shots of my summer!
I love how tacky the instant "vintage-ise" options are...
Hopefully beaching it next week


Vanessa x

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Aztec flair

Top - Self made 
Bell Bottoms - Self made 

Horrible hair - Self grown

I've been eyeing a few pairs of bell bottoms for a while now so I decided to make my own!
So after finding this navajo/aztec/tribal fabric yesterday (with Anita!! thanks again for yesterday :), I gave it a shot!

It's a little hard to wear since I'm so short.. but nothing that heels and a basic top can't fix.

Also made a glittery dress (one inspired by Erin Wasson) and the AA figure skater dress with spare fabric. Finally getting back into sewing after taking a huge break out of laziness (or maybe a DIY-block?)

Spent the day by my pool in a bikini reading Lolita (one of the penguin classics) and considering what the book is actually about, the writing is beautiful.

Ksenia Komleva sketch I couldn't be effed to finish:

OH! and my birthday is in 3 days!!! I'll finally be 18 and ready to paaarrrtaaaaaaaay
oh that was lame
chow fer now!