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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Aztec flair

Top - Self made 
Bell Bottoms - Self made 

Horrible hair - Self grown

I've been eyeing a few pairs of bell bottoms for a while now so I decided to make my own!
So after finding this navajo/aztec/tribal fabric yesterday (with Anita!! thanks again for yesterday :), I gave it a shot!

It's a little hard to wear since I'm so short.. but nothing that heels and a basic top can't fix.

Also made a glittery dress (one inspired by Erin Wasson) and the AA figure skater dress with spare fabric. Finally getting back into sewing after taking a huge break out of laziness (or maybe a DIY-block?)

Spent the day by my pool in a bikini reading Lolita (one of the penguin classics) and considering what the book is actually about, the writing is beautiful.

Ksenia Komleva sketch I couldn't be effed to finish:

OH! and my birthday is in 3 days!!! I'll finally be 18 and ready to paaarrrtaaaaaaaay
oh that was lame
chow fer now!


phoebe amy said...

wow love the pants and the sketch is amazing. you are seriously so talented..

Fox and Freckle said...

Woah, those are some seriously epic pants!
Awesome work. x

YAN.C said...

You're the best.

cloudo3 said...

sweet. and happy birthday (in advance)

Annie said...

You are honestly one of my biggest inspirations. you have so much talent. XXXXX

Quinn B said...

Oh my gosh you made those? They're incredible! What a statement piece! I would totally want a pair. Also, happy early birthday! 18 is an exciting number. I hope you have a great day!

Melissa said...

those are some very cool pants. can't believe you made them too!

Mel x

Scarlett Joy Walker said...

hope you had a lovely birthday, and just to add those bellbottoms are incredible!