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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Naked with No Friends

Why hellooooo! haha so I've successfully completed a week and a half of my fashion course and it's safe to say it's a whole lot of fun - but I've already been loaded with a heap of work!
I've started learning proper pattern making this week and we're also doing life drawing this friday (which I've never done before so I'm kinda iffy about it all) I mean it's already weird that I have to be so close to some naked stranger posing on a squeaky chair in the middle of the room - and then to have other people around, it's like we're all sharing some intimate, uncomfortable 3 hours...........

Haha and then our teacher apparently expects us to be adults about it because she knows a few of us have come straight out of high school (thats me! :) so i guess giggling will be out of the question.

It's also been a complete bitch to get up so early to travel to the city everyday.. and heaps of the express busses from Wynyard wont bother stopping for me because i get off a few minutes later..

Oh and the bag up there ^^^^ that is my life saver. I swear it can fit baby giraffes..not that I've tried

ONE PIECE                   MUM'S REVAMPED BY ME

So I changed my nails (again haha) to some mexican themed thing (frida and day of the dead skull!)
I'm changing them again tonight cause they're chipping and it's super annoying (I ran out of top coat...go figure)

Also devastated about the recent weather in Sydney. This rain is horrid - only two weeks left of "summer" and it feels like summer never came.. It's like dude my bikini obsession needs to be fuelled by being able to wear them out and buy them in stores and ??????????

Those aren't undies i swear haha they're bikini bottoms!! (also frida doesn't have a good enough monobrow. shit.)

The outfit I wore to 2011 Leaver's Drinks for school (minus the shoes!)

The dress I finished this week.. its short.. yeah.............. haha


1. CHANEL Vitalumiere Compact
My current everyday foundation. I like it for natural coverage but I definitely need something heavier for nights out.

2. NARS Laguna Bronzer
Nothing needs to be said about this bronzer, every guru on the planet of of every planet and their grandparents (probs) have said everything I would have. It's great.

3. JURLIQUE Jasmine Body Lotion
Smells incredible, was gifted it back in '09 and it's lasted me since!

Things I've picked up for my design course. Also a fashion sketch and a template I'm working on for Trade Sketching. Time to get super organised!!



Saturday, February 4, 2012

the beginning

So I've started college - super early might I add! I just finished the industrial sewing bridging course to start the year and it's going great so far - I'm having the most fun in class. The people there are so fun and energetic. Especially the two gay guys in my class. Haha one of em: "I would NEVER wear joggers out in public. EVER!"

Before I start the post, I received a lovely bday pressie from one of my gal pals (thanks kangy!!)

(A fashion design journal with templates!! A Frida K calendar and a kewl vintage crotchet bag from London :)

Also a few weeks ago, I invited myself to my friend's house after seeing the chaotic state her room was in (hahaha hi elizabeth, bet you're reading this right now!)

And by chaotic I mean chaotic.
But before I get to that, here's a pic of my friend driving us to Balmoral! (hahah)

Okay. Brace yourself.



After: (I arrived and went all Nazi on her ass)

Ahahaha you can actually see the surface of her desk!!

And then I was a brat and started covering her spine with stickers she wanted to throw out:

(^ more little gifts)

Recent DIY: Skater dress

That's all for now : )
Hope you year 12 leavers are still having a great holiday, and all you school kids enjoyed your summer break!