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Saturday, February 4, 2012

the beginning

So I've started college - super early might I add! I just finished the industrial sewing bridging course to start the year and it's going great so far - I'm having the most fun in class. The people there are so fun and energetic. Especially the two gay guys in my class. Haha one of em: "I would NEVER wear joggers out in public. EVER!"

Before I start the post, I received a lovely bday pressie from one of my gal pals (thanks kangy!!)

(A fashion design journal with templates!! A Frida K calendar and a kewl vintage crotchet bag from London :)

Also a few weeks ago, I invited myself to my friend's house after seeing the chaotic state her room was in (hahaha hi elizabeth, bet you're reading this right now!)

And by chaotic I mean chaotic.
But before I get to that, here's a pic of my friend driving us to Balmoral! (hahah)

Okay. Brace yourself.



After: (I arrived and went all Nazi on her ass)

Ahahaha you can actually see the surface of her desk!!

And then I was a brat and started covering her spine with stickers she wanted to throw out:

(^ more little gifts)

Recent DIY: Skater dress

That's all for now : )
Hope you year 12 leavers are still having a great holiday, and all you school kids enjoyed your summer break!


YAN.C said...

So much love for the blue crochet peice!
I can't believe the before and after of the room, we really should hang and maybe you can clean my room sometime too... haha my mother would love you.

laaenqo. said...

Woah. That's an amazing transformation haha. How long did it take to clean the room? I really like the calendar! I should pick up one too... Besides I really, really like your blog <3

Christina said...

Why are you so fantastic?!
And oh god, I need you to work wonders on my room!

rhyajw said...

WOW! I need to hire you to help he state of my room. And love the colour of your skater dress

Wendy San said...

ahhh!! frida kahlo! I love her :) i love that electric blue of the crochet dress and the skater dress! not to mention what a clean freak you are!

taylah said...

ok first of all WHERE DID YOU FIND FRIDA SOCKS? i made a wearable art piece based on her last year and after studying her so much and reading so much about her life i've become semi-osessed haha.. but she is so intriguing! and i'm identifying with the cleaning your friends room thing, i have done that on at least, 6 occasions? hahah i feel like they'd be happier with a tidy space and attack their room. last (but not least/ gay cliche/whatever) i lovee our grey singlet, so perfect, whether or not it's finished (:
taylah x

Nic said...

again I love all of your photos! your DIYs are incredible, I love the cobalt dress!


Melissa said...

Wow you really worked wonders on your friend's room.
Come over and clean mine? Haha.

Mel x

Fabliha said...

haha wow that is a real transformation! those socks are so delightful!