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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hey Stranger

I am always MIA........... hehe
well anyway spent my sunday making this mini skirt thing
I think I secretly did it to practice the skills I've learnt over this term at design college
because when I had to face the skirt i was like omfg how do i start
I've also noticed that I'm more cautious with measurement
Usually I just go whatever!!!! i'll do WHATEVER S/A I want
but now I measure EVERYTHING
and i do everything the proper way
its weird for me
do you guys loike it?! i think i'll wear it under big coats in the wintaah

(above) thrifted stuff, diy stuff, incl. an accidental shot i took while walking to qvb. I was like hmm i need lippie and then i took a photo and then i looked like a total weirdo selfie-ing myself.............

and this is my new haaaaaair!! i need a trim.. i want it to stay above my shoulders : )

ahahaha i pulled a horrid face
anywho - thrifted dress, diy headband, self made purse

Pics from my friend's 18th ;)


Okay anyway back to life stuff
College has been really stressful
I've had really shit days
mental breakdowns
second guessing my place on the fashion path
but all in all i think I would be thinking the same if I were in any other course
its hard to tell if I'm getting it right
but for now I'll have to deal with it 8)

Also exposed my first design on the silk screen for fabric printing!!
so hopefully my fabric turns out all nice and i can use it for some lame pillow cases yay