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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


As promised, here's the "new room" post haha!
So I'm still working on it - as you can see i need to find a proper chair for my desk and maybe a proper doona (???) I've downsized a lot (refer back to "the habitat" post) but it's still cosy - just not very private seeing as the curtains aren't up so it's very hard to change and sleep without feeling like someone is watching me

The wardrobe has been arranged differently - colour order still exists but basics are now separated!

For some strange reason I've stopped going crazy with colours - things I buy now are either monochromatic or dull - maybe its a cold weather phase or emotional phase maybe im just emotional ha ha ha

My pride and glory in a drawer - bikini blissSsssSssss


I legit had this cord skirt unfinished sitting in my sewing room for a few months until sometime last week when I decided i didn't know how to store it in my room with all the pins in it and just finished it..
I'm kinda sick of making circle skirts (have already done a mint and tan one) so this will hopefully be my last. Ok i'm seriously sitting here shivering.. it's so cold in my room!!

So the holidays were sorta crap - was basically a sloth and then i went to class a week before it reopened (?!?!?!) so i woke up at 6:30 for NOTHING haha
I'm excited about making my first from-scratch industry level garment!! but patternmaking will be the death of me. I'm sure I've said that a billion times.

The last few days of holidays I had a three day job to do, which was not bad - getting paid is ok (understatement) LOL. Fuel for my shopping addiction?

We kept our wind chime from our old house because according to dad it's goodluck. It makes these particular sounds with just 4 notes so everytime the wind blows it sounds like I'm back in my previous home, I guess that's a nice thing.

Not sure where to position this rug LOL
My mum dumped it in the lounge and I stole it to get some sort of warmth when I sit on the floor

My mother keeps weird things