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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Racerback - SPORTSGIRL
Faux fur coat - SELF MADE

I finally gathered up some motivation to finish this coat! I'm so glad I did, it's really warm and doubles up as a scarf for my neck when it's chilly
It took me soo many hours to complete, mostly because i hit setbacks - i needed to face the collar (did not think of that before hand lol), I had to create the pattern from scratch and i had to line the entire coat..

I want to say it's been a lazy day but I've been rushing around doing work/housekeepin things and running errands all over the place

My first design project has started (at college!) and I'm excoited ;)
I got my designs signed off and we're two lessons into patternmaking which is going surprisingly well.. considering my patternmaking skills are shit house and I always have to force myself to love it
In actual fact, being able to pattern make individually is so much more enjoyable - more experimenting!

I've sewn up my first toile (of the shirt) but I won't show progress because it'll be awesome as a surprise for you guys when I'm completely finished

Other things:

- Went for dinner and drinks with the bday girl (hey charm heyyy)
- Rewatched Gen 2 Skins
- Started the 30 day w/o junk food challenge (I'm on day 8 woooo)

Chow for nao!