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Sunday, July 15, 2012

And Again

It's hard to keep my work place clean.. as soon as I start on an assignment there is always glue and paper scraps on the floor, the bed, the laptop hahaha oh
andWell i finally took the sewing machine out of the box to keep on my desk for speedy convenience

(Mum's leather skirt, thrifted mohair knit, hand made/diy jewellery, sportsgirl rings)

My holidays are over as of tomorrow.. and my first model fittings are tomorrow.. I dread everything
I'll be posting pics of my first individual in 3 weeks after it goes through marking
Gotta start brainstorming how to style the outfit + makeup + hair!

My favourite Harper's Bazaar issue. Summary of all the SS12 trends ah it's the best!


Top 3 things I'd wish for if genies actually existed. Or were even that generous.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Strange overtones

Something I spent the weekend on - oddly therapeutic and totally calming. I have an addiction to circular forms and the centered mirror and sequins were a perfect fit for the design. The first time I've ever embroidered anything so it's not perfect but I have yonks of time to practice!
This little pouch was part of a gift to one of the most awesome gals I know :)
You'll definitely be seeing more embroidery in my next garments to come..

Spent Monday at the Biennale (MCA and Cockatoo Island). The MCA probably had a more impressive display - and I think the space of the rooms captured that a lot better than the display at Cockatoo Island.

New hardware for my fingaz

My favourite thing in the evening.