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Sunday, July 15, 2012

And Again

It's hard to keep my work place clean.. as soon as I start on an assignment there is always glue and paper scraps on the floor, the bed, the laptop hahaha oh
andWell i finally took the sewing machine out of the box to keep on my desk for speedy convenience

(Mum's leather skirt, thrifted mohair knit, hand made/diy jewellery, sportsgirl rings)

My holidays are over as of tomorrow.. and my first model fittings are tomorrow.. I dread everything
I'll be posting pics of my first individual in 3 weeks after it goes through marking
Gotta start brainstorming how to style the outfit + makeup + hair!

My favourite Harper's Bazaar issue. Summary of all the SS12 trends ah it's the best!


Anonymous said...

your work place looks pristine! x x x

Vivian Xie said...

that is my dream work space, so simple I love it

Anonymous said...

oh your work space looks amazing. so neat and white. and i love what you are wearing, so lovely.
X jane

Bambino said...

I love how minimalist your desk is, mine is just cluttered full of junk hhaa. It sure is hard to keep it clean, but yours is spotless! You're so lucky your mother has a leather skirt to borrow! And that mohair was a great find :)

Emmie said...

If only my work space looking like that :,)
I love the gif!

Gladys said...

So clean and so lovely! :D And the mohair is so prettyyyy!