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Saturday, August 25, 2012


(Necklace - Sportsgirl, Tee - Dad's, Jeans - Cheap Monday) 

I was invited to MBFF for the trends show on wednesday (basically a wrapped up version of mbfwa)
I can't believe I wore a coat, I was basically sweating just standing outside... but good news, I can finally store my jeans and jackets away to make room for the bikinis and dresses!

The Akira show was actually really beautiful; the models were interacting and walking together so it appeared to bea scene from a movie. Also really loved the pink look from Manning Cartell!

It's been a pretty busy week, nothing unusual - I haven't gotten stuck into my new design brief enough to share progress with you guys...

(Progress Sketch of Anja Konstantinova)

(Gorgeous silk dress from Bec and Bridge)

Today I headed to the markets with my friend (who asked me not to include her face in the shot! haha) for an overdue catch up and lunch : )

She got a few adorable moustache drinking glasses and I picked up a few little rings


Jeline said...

love the photos! your sketch looks so amazing!!! <3

taylah said...

perfect, perfect post, as usual.

Rochelle H said...
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Rochelle H said...

your outfit is so amazing, you make me fall in love with basics like your white tee ^_^

I wish i could fly to Australia and borrow your wardrobe lol

Your sketch is amazing too xx

Susy said...

Jeez Vanessa you're drawing technique is impeccable! Love your MBFF outfit! Where is your bralette from? Oh and those glasses too? I've been looking for a black pair :)
art-ifice x

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

beautiful outfit, I just want to stroke your gilet! x

Kate {Modette} said...

I always love seeing your photos! Please post more, your blog is amazing! :) xx

Kate {Modette}

Stephanie Lam said...

Oh gosh, I love that coat!! I'd wear it in the summer heat too!! Hehehe Love your blog! PS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog!


Anonymous said...

HELLO Vanessa!
I was so happy to see a new post up today! :)

First of all, I really really like your hot pink bralette! It's so cute and girly but also a little naughty at the same time. I love how it looks paired with your simple white tank, black jeans, and Chewbacca fluffy thing of a jacket :)
And I also love that third picture where your face appears three times. Soooooo cool!
Oooh and I love the pictures you captured of the different shows. They make me want to go see exactly what all the looks were.

I also really like your new rings and I think your drawing skills are fantastic and I love your blog like a freakish stalker but I'm actually just a really big follower (not as in I'm freakishly fat, as in I really like your blog). Hahahaha :)
And before I finish this rambling comment, I would just like to agree with what someone on your Tumblr said. You totally have Kiko lips! I'm so jealous since I absolutely adore her <3 It's okay though because I adore you too :D

Alrighty now.
I hope my rambling hasn't scared you!
I just get really enthusiastic and talkative and have to release my excitement somehow.

Have an awesome weekend lovely!

The Ace of Hearts

♥ Cassandra (Backtofive) said...

I am so jealous! Wish I could be there! Oh and you look so cute! :D

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Anonymous said...

lovely photos, I love the pink bra with the white top :-) xxxxx

JULES said...

love your lipstick color! and that skirt!! <3


Eleanor said...

aaah that sketch is incredible... you are so talented!
i love your friends outfit, her boots are so cute! :)

mickey Vin said...

omg you are so extra adorable. Of course that sketch is my favorite. Your doing a great job so far. ^^