keen kidney beeeaaans

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Loops and Eyelets

Bought this gorg peach lace a few days ago and needed to cut it up right away!
I haven't used lace in a while, so I thought, what better way to utilise this timeless fabric into a semi bare back, semi sheer top

The eyelets were a pain in the ass but definitely worth it. I love the cut - just hoping I won't get putrid tan lines from this..

Ciao guyz x

ps; might bump into some of you at parklife!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


(Top - Dotti, Necklaces - handmade/market, Bralet - handmade, Shorts - mum's)

I am going to sport so many white on white looks this season it will be insane. White on white on leather, yum. Is anyone else going to Parklife! That's something I'm looking forward to these holidays - I'm going to need a whole lot of energy for this 10 hour festival haha.

(Sketch from editorial in Vogue) 

(Bananananana nails)

Saturday, September 8, 2012


 Spring is here! And you can already feel it in the weather, this windy, hot cold moody bitch madness is booming

My brother just changed my mac touch pad to the non-natural direction so now every time I scroll up it scrolls down oh my god this post will take me forever
I have been insanely busy with exams, assignments and design deadlines (as you can see with the lack of time to fix those grizzly nails

A gorgeous taupe net I bought while running errands to get fabric for this week - It's going to make the best summer tank and dress for a bikini cover up!

(Rosehip oil mum bought me yesterday)

Everything I have laid eyes on or that has drawn me in recently has been nude, taupe or tan - it's a strange change (seeing as I used to wear so much colour just last summer)

(Breakfast kick starter: 1 apple, 1 orange, a pea sized amount of ginger and a pear. )

(Arvo juice: 1 orange, 3 strawberries, a handful of mint leaves, a bit of ginger) 

 (A perfectly ripe avo for my guacamole today!)

(Homemade veggie curry w/ rice: Curry sauce, onions, capsicums, celery, raw walnuts and cashews, a dash of pepper)

I feel great after eating great food. I hope this keeps up. My friends and I are holding it to each other to stay healthy and in shape - and I only had 2 lollies today which is a huge deal for me!