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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Loops and Eyelets

Bought this gorg peach lace a few days ago and needed to cut it up right away!
I haven't used lace in a while, so I thought, what better way to utilise this timeless fabric into a semi bare back, semi sheer top

The eyelets were a pain in the ass but definitely worth it. I love the cut - just hoping I won't get putrid tan lines from this..

Ciao guyz x

ps; might bump into some of you at parklife!!!


YAN.C said...

Gah! This is amazing

Anonymous said...

Can you seriously just like move into my house and be my friend please please PLEASE?!?!

You never fail to amaze me with your insane crafty DIY-goddess skillness.
Peach lace as a semi back baring sheer top? YUMMY.
To say that I want that right now would be a gross understatement. I need that goodness!
The swirly lacey pattern, the cool hemline, the wicked back baring corsety laced eyelets.

So, when you're famous someday as an epic fashion designer, I'm going to be able to say that I saw some of your early designs. I'll be like "Gurl, you just found out about Vanessa? Get with the program! I've known about her since 2012. That's back in them days of peach lace corset backed semi sheer tops."
Yup. True story.

You are amazing and I love you Vanessa!
Of course, I do profess my love in the manner that is least creepy coming from an internet stranger.
How about I reword that to make it less fear-inducing.
Vanessa, your DIY skills are rad to the point of being bad (which is a good thing!). You keep rocking girl!!


Jeline said...

ugh omg this is amazing. HOW DO YOU DO IT ;____; i love you and your designs. you're amazing!!!

Eleanor said...

this is absolutely gorgeous... and the cut is really cool and different - you're amazing!! :) also i wouldnt worry about the tan lines, tbh i think they could look kinda cool too?
(P.S I'd love to know how you made your header?!)

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

wow I love what you've done with the lace, gorgeous top! xo

Milex said...


Ali Hval said...

Oh man, how neat is this?! I love how you cut it... and the lace up back? Super cute!

Char char said...

holy fuck this is amazing

Morgan Brooks said...

You blog is so edgy and cool. I love you and your style. So awesome.
If you get a sec, it'd mean the world to me if you would come check out my latest post!

emily said...

This is incredible! I've worked with eyelets before and given up but this looks so so good :)

(I don't know how you do it haha)


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of ballerinas for some reason, its cute :)

Santenne Luyindula of Crystallized Elements.

YAN.C said...

ps where did you get your underwear

t said...

cool top!

Cassandra Too said...

Omg this is beautiful!
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See you soon at backtofive! :D

B said...

just been flicking through your posts...your blog is amazing!

i'll definitely be reading often x