keen kidney beeeaaans

Saturday, September 15, 2012


(Top - Dotti, Necklaces - handmade/market, Bralet - handmade, Shorts - mum's)

I am going to sport so many white on white looks this season it will be insane. White on white on leather, yum. Is anyone else going to Parklife! That's something I'm looking forward to these holidays - I'm going to need a whole lot of energy for this 10 hour festival haha.

(Sketch from editorial in Vogue) 

(Bananananana nails)


Jeline said...

Love the outfit! White on white is always so nice to see. It looks really clean and crisp. Loving the sketch (you're so talented omg) and banana nails as well (too cute)! ♥

taylah said...

white on white on white on white = perfect
i found this amazing white punched leather today, i was in the middle of dreaming up all it's possibilities when i saw it's price. why must nice fabric be so expensive :((((

i love you wang-ish bralette
taylah x

mickey Vin said...

I love that sketch. I will be rockin white shirts or white shirts with graphics on them. I can't wear white bottoms I would messed them up. lol

Patricia said...

Your banana nails are possibly the greatest thing I have seen all week. Super jelly.

Anonymous said...

Awesome outfit Vanessa!
White on white is so timeless. No matter when or where it's worn, a white on white outfit is just perfect. I love the hint of sexy your edgy bralette adds!
I could go on forever about how amazing white on white is...too bad I can never wear it! Food+messy eater+white clothing=NO.
Someday though, I'll rock my white on white. One of these days...

I can't believe you're this talented dude!
You make your clothes, you sketch like a pro, and your nail skills are insane. Seriously?
Can you just be my best friend please?!?!
I'll give you food! :)

Have an amazing weekend darling!! <3


cloudo3 said...

love that dotti top!
and have fun at parklife


Eleanor said...

omg those banana nails are incredible!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Cool post, love the blog :)

Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

Nini said...

if you want me to be the first french black girl who talking about asians fashion style vote :

Lucia Yin said...

your nails! :o