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Monday, November 19, 2012

I dyed, literally

I cannot even begin to explain how its feels after finishing my final garments of the year.. since the term was cut short we had to cram all deadlines like crazy so all homework and assignments were basically due RIGHT before our final marking day for our designs!

So back to what I've been working on this term - The Dylon company (that do fabric dyes) sponsors the college and gives about 15 dyes + fabric markers to each student to create garments that has to be solely dyed by Dylon dyes (screen printing is allowed). It's a competition and the winner gets something like $3000. Everyone starts with white fabric and has to create the fabric from scratch - layering textures, colours, inks, etc. It was a lot more challenging than the last brief, just because we basically had to MAKE fabric on top of patternmaking and sewing. The also wanted to see dye techniques in our garments to make them more dimensional.

The brief: DENIM EXPLOSION! To create an outfit that is inspired by 60s flower power, and include pop art, op art, neon, print, flower power, texture and feature an obvious pocket to store the iPhone (a second competition with prize money also). 

I took the concept of Andy Warhol's pop art banana and made that the recurring theme of my whole look. It's meant to be playful, fun and a bit athletic!

Gorgeous model (Mona) and I just before walking into marking 

The jacket is hand embroidered with teeny bananas (that killed me) while the cuffs and the center front panel of my zip up top is hand beaded with neon green plastic beads. Those were surprisingly fun to do. 

Dye technique 1: Ice dyeing
This involves placing ice over the fabric and then sprinkling the dye powder over the top of the ice
so as it melts, the dye particles create an uneven and ambiguous effect 

This is the result!

Dye technique 2: Bleach sprayed, then dye splattered

My op art. (screen printed optical illusion)
Is it giving you a headache because thats what it's meant to do. ha.  

As promised, here's a small food post! (once i have time to make videos or cook more in the holidays I'll put more up I promise!)

Baked salmon with a side salad

- Preheat oven to 200 degrees c.
- Cut salmon in smaller portions like so
- Marinate in soy sauce for 10-15 mins (turn occasionally)
- Bake for 7-8 minutes (depending on portion size and how you like your fish cooked)
- Season with pepper

- Salad is just iceberg lettuce, cucumber, corn, tomatoes, avo and capsicum with a bean dressing
(alternative: olive oil/fresh lemon dressing)

Morning summer smoothie

- Chop up 4-5 strawberries, 1/4 of a large mango and eyeball the amount of milk you'd like
- Blend
- Add manuka honey or agave syrup if the taste test fails a little (otherwise choose super sweet fruits!)
- Mix in about a tbsp of organic chia seeds
- Enjoy!

Quinoa and lentil 'fried rice' (serves 2)

- Cook 1/4 cup quinoa
- Cook 1/4 cup organic green lentils
- Make a plain omelette with one large egg (and cut into squares)
- Chop up broccoli, red onions, baby asparagus

- Let quinoa and lentils sit aside
- In a frying pan, drizzle olive oil and fry the onions for about 3-5 minutes over low-med heat
- Add broccoli and asparagus, stirring frequently and adding about 1-2 tsp of water to the pan every few minutes (this softens the veggies slightly, preventing them to burn too)
- (Broccoli/asparagus should only be cooked for a few minutes as longer than this they lose some of the nutrients)
- Drizzle soy sauce and stir
- Add omelette, quinoa and lentils and immediately lower heat
- Mix everything together and add more soy sauce
- Turn heat off
- Keep tossing/mixing
- Let it sit for a few minutes before serving with cracked pepper!

Salmon cakes

Recipe is not my own, find it here:

Smoked salmon on sourdough

- Baby capers
- Dill
- Cream cheese
- Sourdough
- Optional: Avocado/olives

- Toast sourdough 
- Spread cream cheese over the bread
- Add salmon, capers and dill 
- For extra yumminess, add sliced avo and garnish with olives

Hopefully that gave you some ideas! Don't know if you can tell but salmon is basically my favourite food of all time... All these recipes are just me winging it to see what might taste good together hahaha (besides the aforementioned) 

How I spent my Sunday (yesterday) Yoga by the pool, cooling off and rescuing ladybugs from the deep abyss 

Breakfast in bed with Adventure Time

Just to finish up; today was the model fittings for the end of year show for my college!
Here are a few sneak peek snaps. I'll be taking photos on the night so stay tuned gals!



Naeema Ismail said...

Love it! Your design is amazing, definitely fits the brief. The colours are perfect as well! Good luck!

Elle said...

i freakin love your blog

Jeline said...

Omg your designs are absolutely incredible!!! You're amazing. Thanks for sharing recipes btw! <3

❁ S T E P H said...

your design is amazing aekrjlawjer

Miss_Daike said...

your design amazing!

alia said...

love, love, LOVE that you used the bananas! it looks fantastic and i can't wait to try the recipes

Me said...

I love love loooooove the design!! You should really post more often, I'm checking your blog every day and... finally you posted today something :D

Eleanor said...

your outfit looked incredible! you are so talented!!! :)

hypnotized-poison said...

loved the photos, omg you're so talented and beautiful xx

taylah said...

aw vanessa, you look so small with your model! <3
your design is amazing, best of luck with all the shows/marks/competitions and stuff. and have an awesome time chilling out when its over! haha
taylah x

Daisy Chein said...

I forgot how awesome your posts are.

I hope you get an awesome mark!

Daisy xx


Thank you for the post! Have been eagerly awaiting an update on your design life and the healthy recipes are an added bonus! Glad that you're loving the pescetarian life as much as I am and good to hear you're keeping up with your yoga as well. Lots of love!

Alicia N. said...

Oh wow! I must say that your design is friggin' GENIUS! I've never seen anything like it before. Like you are really talented. It's really well put together. Your design looks better than these other "designers" in the world. I hope you win, you definitely deserve it. Also you're a really good cook, the baked salmon and salmon cakes look really yummy. And another thing the ice dyeing technique is really cool I'm gonna try that one day. :D

Alicia @Neon Fox

Yan C said...

HOLY FUARK vanessa
this is actually my fave post you have done ever, i even bookmarked it.

let me be youuuuuuu ;O
you're designs are insane. oh man


Janice said...

I freakin' love your blog! xx

bella said...

Such an amazing design! Your blogposts are really well made! Xx

JJ said...

Coolest thing ever!
Love your blog <3

Kristy W said...

absolutely amazing! you're so talented!

Bianca Fabia said...

where'd you get your black sandals and the black shorts from your mirror shot? Btw you are so amazing! You inspire me so much <3