keen kidney beeeaaans

Thursday, December 20, 2012


(Overalls - Thrifted, Swim top - Zimmermann S/S 12) 

Sometimes I forget to embrace the mini beach that occasionally appears in my backyard - and even though the sand will never be as soft and dry as I'd like, it's nice to feel the water hugging your feet 

On the topic of, second year design means I get to finally learn industry level swimwear sewing! So excited to be able to share some of my upcoming designs as soon as I'm back next year

I also won the Zimmermann instagram comp (fifth day) and scored a giftcard ^_^ here's the pic:

(Follow me on instagram! @hairylarry)

And I finally finished my super super late bday gift for my friend - a simple skirt with a tulip front opening and centre back zip.

(A delish fruit salad prepared by my friend's mum)

I hope you kids are all well and hope you guys have an amazing Christmas and New Years! 

Sunday, December 9, 2012


A day in the life of a watermelon
and its guts being consumed by our mouthessszz

Sorry guys looks like old habits die hard and I'm back to monthly posting

I'm gonna be completely honest I don't have much to say except for the fact that my arms and legs are giving way from vinyasa this morning

brain farting atm

Also I am slowly adding to my knit craze even though its 40 degrees
I can't really help it - markets are so good especially when they're filled with trendy ladies getting rid of things that make you go "why are you getting rid of this"


*ps; I want to make you guys a diy video so either shoot me ideas or anything you'd like to see feature in a video.. this probs won't be a regular thing so I'm giving you the chance to take advantage of me