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Sunday, December 9, 2012


A day in the life of a watermelon
and its guts being consumed by our mouthessszz

Sorry guys looks like old habits die hard and I'm back to monthly posting

I'm gonna be completely honest I don't have much to say except for the fact that my arms and legs are giving way from vinyasa this morning

brain farting atm

Also I am slowly adding to my knit craze even though its 40 degrees
I can't really help it - markets are so good especially when they're filled with trendy ladies getting rid of things that make you go "why are you getting rid of this"


*ps; I want to make you guys a diy video so either shoot me ideas or anything you'd like to see feature in a video.. this probs won't be a regular thing so I'm giving you the chance to take advantage of me


小猫 said...

This would probably take a lot of time but a a mini-diy series would be super cool! Like if you demonstrated basic construction skills like cutting fabric or making patterns.


I'd love to see how you make your gorgeous handmade bikinis! Thanks for the post, love hearing from you no matter how sparsely and sporadically.

Demelza Duder said...

Yeah... Basically just some of your tricks and tips that you have to make the clothes that you do. I would love to know how you made that striped dress?

Anna said...

YUM I love watermelon!!!

I wrote a post about the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012, could you please check it out?

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xxx Anna

hypnotized-poison said...

beautiful picts as always xx

JJ said...

The pictures are awesome as always! For the DIY video, I think that anything you're going to tell will be useful hahaha :D

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

awesome pics, I would love some watermelon right about now.. x

maud said...

Stripe dress, bikini, basic t shirt pattern, that lace top, basically any of those would be lovely if you have the time. I have a soft spot for those pieces. >.<

Samone Mann said...

i want to see you make the inspired bralet!!!!!

Valery said...

I love your posts!
And you have me craving for watermelon now, haha.

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