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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


(Just a few of the gifts I received from some lovely people (and a souvenir) 

So yesterday I turned the big one nine - and it was a fab day!

(Left: my friend's so called 'wrapping', (right: turns out it was a peruvian doll HA)

Wow this has been a long overdue update! I'm back to college in two weeks so I'm trying to get as much done as possible! I've met so many incredible people already in 2013 (Rae! If you're reading ^_^)  and the start to the year has been kick ass. New years was fun too, spending the day in Sydney finally - I definitely don't get to enjoy the aussie summer enough

(top right: zanzibar, bottom right: flamingos for the garden! thanks dumpling) 

Had lunch with one of my favourite people @ rozelle and then had a little dins/drinks date with a few close friends @ newtown.

(left: julia in her beautiful dion lee s/s13 frock, right: alexandra and the delish pav we made)

I have a thing for taking pics of my friends with food LOL

(Drinks with the mexican (welcome back!)