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Saturday, April 20, 2013


Look, I know we've had our ups and downs but I think we should give this another try
It's not like we broke it off?
It was just a break.. right?
I've been seeing other people.... I know you have too
But I think we both know we need each other

Love from

OK !
Seriously though a thousand eons of sorry's would probably not cut it but I've had a pretty rough patch in terms of college the past few months... 2 much fashun 2 handle sozzzz

So I've decided to do a little housekeeping and start afresh - I didn't really want to post until my swimwear marking day was over so I could finally deliver a blog post that wasn't full of iphone pics and me talking about how stressed I am (I know you're used to that.. again, a thousand sorry's.........)

(Skirt, Bracelet/bangle - Markets, Shirt - Brothers, Watch - Casio, First pic - INSTAgrrrAmzz HomiE)

Slit too high and a shirt too big - I'm like a male slut with good taste
BUT WAIT! there's more.....

Picked up myself a men's adidas tee and some bike shorts .. in black of course 
And surprisingly have been wearing them both non stop!

So I picked these three bars up to try for myself. The Raw Revolution bar was recommended while the RAW food bar was my pick!


Okay so from the moment you open the packet you are greeted by the face of a green monster - and although I am a lover of green foods, spirulina doesn't happen to fit into that category........Maybe if I closed my eyes while eating it, I'd probably enjoy it a bit more, but lets be honest,
The bar itself is soft, sticky and is mainly date and nut tasting.. also a negative for me - I hate mushy tasting things....


Similar texture to the raw revolution bar but a lot nicer and honestly a little bit like baby food solidified - not bad. Good option for a raw food bar and a way better alternative to other crappy sugar filled bars. 

Didn't try the chocolate crave bar yet so I will get back to you guys..

(Earth to table - Bondi)

Brunch at Earth to Table was great - just a few minutes from the Bondi Junction Interchange, this little local gem is all natural, raw vegan, sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and organic! 

Ordered this super yummy pizza and salad between my friend and I

(Shooting for LIUK the label) 

A few behind the scenes shot's of the newest LIUK collection!

(Bless'ed are the Meek @ MBFWA)

Started my internship at BATM so I sat in at the show. Didn't really bother getting shots of the actual garments (haha woops..) but pretty cool video intro. Apparently inspired by Australian landscape.

This pic pretty much sums out what I've been doing the past term...................SWIMWEAR

Until next time.....



Jeline Catt said...

I always get so excited when you post here! Hahah. Looking forward to your next blog post. I thoroughly enjoy read your blog <3

Bella said...

if it was all in the name of fashun, I forgive you.
Glad your back at it! x

hypnotized-poison said...

I've missed your blog so so much omg :D so happy you're back!! amazing post like always! I always love seeing your photos! dont take to long for your next posts plzzz <3

Eleanor said...

aaah don't apologise for not posting - i understand college stress.. NOT FUN! :(
the swimwear looks diviiiiine! cant wait to see more! <3

Anthea Lau said...

nice shots and I'm really loving the lace detail on your skirt with the slits!

P.S. it'll be really awesome if you check out my Outfit post at Fashion Week Sydney!

anna s said...

Yaaay! You're back! Beautiful photos, can't wait for more blogposts xx

NiƱa Alvia said...

Loving your outfit xx

Shannen said...

Really cute photo's!
XX Shannen /

Chantal Galova said...

Oh I admire you.. You are so beautiful.. and I admire your work..You are my pattern! I want your love. I love your style.

Jenifor Kristen said...

You are so beautiful and gorgeous!