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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It feels like I've been doing swimwear for the longest damn time - from the day we got our brief til marking day (yesterday!!).. what was my life even

Well enough of that - let's get stuck into it!

Brief: To create a piece of 4 or 5 swimsuits with a minimum of 2 cover ups - inspired by one or a mixture of a few Cirque Du Soleil shows. 

We chose Varekai - which focuses mainly of organic forms, quite creaturesque and slick. We have incorporated knitted structures and a combination of broken/tweaked images of fish x-rays, organisms, bacteria and algae, along with what we call "skins" hand printed with tattoos and embellished. Prints have been developed by yours truly (a total of three) and were printed for us (sponsored by ThinkPositive).

So I guess now I'm presenting to you the finished designs - "Atlantis Royalty

Sketches done by Elise, CAD by yours truly 


I completely forgot to take a picture of the finished makeup.. Anyway we used cream shadows to create a mermaid gradient of colour around the temples and cheeks of the face, and then we used a net to create a resist with gold shadow, which left a nice soft texture. 

Web hair! I wish I could do this for myself - too bad it's short wahh...
(below) Knitted spine sculpture in amongst a crazy iridescent trimmed vest 

It was a super long day...............and it's been the longest term. I'm so glad it's over - now it's time for the next brief: tailoring!

Getting Messina w/ the crew ft. Jack in his AW.13 frankenstein vest ha ha 

I hope this post makes up for the past few months!! 
And I hope you guys are all swell xxxx