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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dark want

Straying from my usual chaotic housekeeping posts and presenting you a current lust list from my brain to a sexy looking circular form.

Funny thinking back to this time a year ago when I claimed red was the worst colour ever and I hated it and it was all things bad - but now look as I sob and weep for a cherry red lippie and a matching nail varnish.

I also hear great things about the Shu Uemura eyelash curler so I am keen on trying it out. The Lover lingerie is an added treat if I decide to be extra naughty and $$$ on more expensive and slightly-too-intimate-holey-uselessness this month...

And if any of you have read The Unbearable Lightness of Being I would love to know your thoughts - It seems like a great read this summer!

(Thanks everyone for your sweet comments btw, they are wonderful to read after a long day of work!)


Eleanor said...

oooh i want a casio watch so bad! i can't decide between the skinnny version or chunky version though!

Stephanie C. said...

I'm just the same in terms of judgement of color. I swore off purple all throughout my childish years and now all I want is a head full of lavender hair. I'm really loving the dark red trend as well though when I first encountered the color on someone's lips I was so offput by it. And I've never read The Unbearable Lightness of Being but it's on my increasingly long list of books I should get to when I have free time. If only we all had a little more time on our hands. I have however read No One Belongs Here More Than You and that was definitely a book that gave me such a peculiar feeling of isolation and discomfort but capturing that essence in a few short blurbs made me both intrigued and uncomfortable.


Amy Liddell said...

Oh I want everything here it's all gorgeous!

Amanda said...

This post has come on SUCH a relevant day. I spent the entirety of my shift today at work asking around for a book to read next and nothing sounded as good as Kundera sounds to me now. Thanks Vanessa X

Eric Rausch said...

nice Blog. ;)

greetings Eric

anna s said...

oooh la la lace. also dark red lips are beautiful.. very pretty lipstick. love your blog x